Ask A Muslim

Ask-A-Muslim holds a weekly halaqa for new Muslims at Masjid Omar on Saturday at 6.00 pm (after Asr prayer).

Ask-A-Muslim holds a weekly Dawah lecture at 7:00 pm on Sunday.

Please join us in the daily Columbus downtown Dawah table at Broad and High St. 11 am – 3:00 pm (Dawah course needed).

Ask-A-Muslim want to establish a new Dawah table in another place. Please volunteer for this to happen!!

Currently, we have three total billboards for Ask-A-Muslim. Please spread the word

A) Qur’an billboard more to Cleveland Ave
B) Read about Jesus in Qur’an.
C) The prophets billboard on Broad st.

Please checkout the new additions on our website. Now you can print pamphlets and give to others

Please like our Facebook page and share its contents ASK-A-Muslim Facebook