Help Masjid Omar through the Kroger Community Reward program

By the grace of Allah, Masjid Omar is now enrolled in the Kroger Community Reward program. This means that the Masjid is going to get a quarterly payment from Kroger based on the number of points. Number of points depend on the purchases of the registered members. The more we register the more funds we get. Registration takes only 5 minutes or less. Please do not miss this opportunity to get a big rewards without any cost or expenses.

Registration can be done through this link Kroger Community Reward Registration

  1. Enter your Kroger Card number, your email, your name and address.
  2. Then select enroll at the very bottom of the page.
  3. Select Omar Ibn-Elkhattab Mosque or enter this number 64508.
  4. Click enroll and you will be all set.

For any help please contact us at

Additionally, we will setup a registration table at the Masjid as well to get it done easily and quickly.  You can download, print, and fill-out this form and give it to us: Kroger Community rewards registration form

Please spread the word and help your beloved Masjid.

Jazaakum Allaahu khayr.