Masjid Omar Fundraiser This Friday

Dear brothers and sisters,

It is the time to help us running the Masjid. Our current and future plan include but not limited to the following activities:

  1. Daily Qur’an hifdh/memorization program for all ages
  2. The weekend school (4 teachers and a principal serving 60+ students)
  3. Social activities include youth programs (boys and girls), monthly family night, helping the needy, sisters program, and much more
  4. Increasing security and surveillance of the masjid
  5. Preparing for the holy month of Ramadan
  6. Preparing for the summer camp for kids
  7. Qur’an and Islamic competitions
  8. Planning to get a full time scholar for the community
  9. Quarterly weekend Dawah program through bringing guest speakers from allover the US (due this May)
  10. Cover other expenses such as bills
Your donations will be greatly appreciated.

We also encourage every one to participate in the Continuous Charity Program by registering your name for $10 – $ 50 MONTHLY donation with brother Mounir or brother Belkacem.

The fundraiser will be right after Friday prayers.

Please help your Masjid & spread the word.

For further information you can contact us: