Masjid Omar Extension Project Update

Alhamdulellah, construction work has been resumed. Currently, the work is running on the plumbing of the new rest rooms as well as the new kitchen in the north side of Masjid. Entire extension work insha’Allah can be completed by May next year. To achieve this let’s do our part, donate generously.


The extension project has been a dream of our community for 24 years. Construction began in October 2011 and has been continuing since then. With Allah’s grace first and then with your great support and the hard work of our fundraising team, we were able to collect $270,000 so far. This money will be used towards finishing the remaining outside phase. Current costs to be paid towards that are $37,360. In addition to this, we will be ordering the second floor frame and finishing the second floor, which costs $202,000. The total amount needed is $37,360 + $202,000 = $239,360. The amount collected as of this moment, January 30th, 2015 is almost $270,000. May Allah bless and have mercy upon everyone participating in this noble project.


March 24, 2016:

Alhamdulillaah, by the Grace of Allah, and after that, you, our honorable community, Masjid Omar was able to raise over $120,000 at our fundraiser for the extension this past Saturday. We cannot thank you, the supporters of Masjid Omar enough, for your commitment to support Allah’s House, but we ask Allah to grant all of you that supported – whether by duaa, financially, or just your well-wishes – the very best in the dunya and in the aakhirah and to grant you all palaces in Jannaat Al-Firdaws as promised by Allah for those who help build masaajid. On same note, if you were not able to attend the fundraiser you can still send your contributions and pledges to the Account’s office, inshaAllah or
you can donate directly through this designed link on the Masjid Website.

Video tour


January 28, 2016: Alhamdulellah, with the weather warming the construction has been resumed on last Monday. The current phase include the following:

Gravel and grade the first floor
Pour mezzanine slab Install trench drains and water loops in the 1st floor
Finish plumbing on 1st floor
Install visqueen and wire on 1st floor
Slab inspection
Pour 1st floor concrete


October 29, 2015: The plumbing work has been done and they are working now on putting the metal parts for the second floor on this side.

September 23, 2015:The dome has been relocated and illuminated. Also construction is progressing on the north side as illustrated below. Please support by donation!!


August 20, 2015: The tearing down of the north side is completely done, and they started putting the foundation of the next phase in this side.

Some pictures from north side: