Reserve your day for Iftar during the Blessed Month of Ramadan and get great rewards!!

The Prophet peace be upon him said: “Whoever helps in breaking the fast of a fasting person he will get a similar reward without reducing any part of the reward of the fasting person”. El-Termazi

For many years, Masjid Omar (to the best of our knowledge) was the only Masjid in Columbus, Ohio, offering a free Iftar every day during the whole month of Ramadan. We thank Allah first and then the generosity of our community who made this happened, so please hang on there!!

The schedule for Iftar during Ramadan is currently available. Hurry up and reserve your rewards. Choose your date either alone or with a group; you can also provide food or give us the money ($700) and we can get it ready for you. confirm with Br. Munir Ayed, 614-588-9352 or contact us at