Omar Islamic University

Omar Islamic University

Affiliated with the American Interglobal University (AIU)

Clarification & Regulations


Credit Hours

Associate Degree of Sharia


Bachelors Degree of Sharia

70 + 60 = 132 total
Semesters & Load
Semester Time Load (in credit hours)
Fall September 19th to November 30th 2 to 15
Winter January 10th to March 20th 2 to 15
Spring April 1st to June 10th 2 to 15
Fees & Discounts

· $50 Admission Fee , one time , non-refundable ( FROM #11)

· $50/credit hour & $20 (see exceptions below) for educational materials per class.( FORM #12)

◦ Buying the educational materials from OIU is not mandatory; you may get the materials from another source if you prefer.

◦ If the costs of the educational materials exceeds $20 (such as for the ASL textbooks), then the student pays the exact cost for the materials.

· If you register and pay for four (4) classes, the 5th one is free.

· “A” students will get a 25% discount.

· Tuition for any additional immediate family members is 50%.

◦ The academic discount (25%) and family discount (50%) may not be combined.

· A payment plan is available that allows you to pay your tuition fees within the semester.

· Most classes will be taught by Professor HoucineChouat, PhD.

· Classes will be held, for the time being, at Masjid Omar bin El-Khattab.

· Classes Monday – Friday will be held either between Maghrib&Isha or after Isha, depending on the time of prayer.

· Classes will be offered to both brothers & sisters, in both English & Arabic, except for the ASL (Arabic as a Second Language) courses.

· If you attend all classes and pass all exams, you can expect to graduate within 3 years, in shaaʾAllaah.

· If you attend 3 classes and pass all exams per semester, you can expect to graduate in 4 years, in shaaʾAllaah.
Affiliation & Diploma

· Omar Islamic University is affiliated with the American Interglobal University (AIU).

· The diplomas will be issued jointly by the two universities.

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