Our Mission


The Vision

A happy and healthy Islamic community that positively integrates into the American society. A community that actively plays a positive role in the growth of the country and maintains strong ties with its religion and tradition that is based on giving, forgiving, and moderate mutual respect.


The Message

We will provide legal, moderate, and realistic answers to all the religious, social, and financial questions that are raised by the community. Additionally, We will waste no efforts in finding solutions via family consultations and successfully resolving family problems. Also, We will work with the youth and help them with positive interaction, dialog, teaching, training, workshops, and meetings.


The Goals

1. Establish peaceful coexistence between the Muslim community members and the rest of the community that is based on mutual understanding, help, & respect.

2. Provide legal, disciplined, moderate, & realistic opinions.

3. Answer religious, social, & financial questions.

4. Provide family consultations with the goal of resolving issues before they result in a family breakdown.

5. Solve family problems before they have negative effects.

6. Hold meetings & discussions with youth and allow them to bring up their concerns and issues.

7. Conduct meetings, conferences, & workshops to serve the community and to set it upon the right path.

8. Organize scientific, religious, and educational meetings ingeneral.

9. Help in choosing spouses for the youth.

10. Prevent the deprivation of the youth, including educating about and protecting them from smoking, drugs, and moral corruption.

11. Anger management workshops.

12. Exercises in public speaking.

13. Encourage social equality.

14. Revive the positive spirit and initiatives to do good deeds.

15. Revive the spirit of good citizenship.

16. Training on cooperation & team spirit.

17. Training to save time & to be organized.

18. Assistance to individuals to help build morality and good behavior.

19. Spreading the feelings of love, tolerance, & cooperation to do good deeds.

20. Establish practical projects to benefit the community.

21. Strengthen the productive relationships with neighbors.

22. Work in cooperative projects with other institutions in society.

23. Educate others to eliminate misunderstandings between Muslims & others.

24. Work toward correcting the image of Islam amongst non-Muslims and remove the suspicions that some may hold about Muslims.