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Masjid Omar is the oldest mosque in Columbus Ohio. It was established in 1984 but actually the idea of acquiring it started in 1979 when nine students gathered and agreed on praying in an apartment at 705 at Harley Drive. However, they soon became aware that this small place was no longer suitable for the increasing size of the Muslim community which at that time exceeded one thousand members.

Masjid Activities

Those activities are held by masjid omar and happen on regular bases. Dates and times are below.

For further information you can contact us: deen@masjedomar.org

Friday Prayer

Juma'a Prayer Timing
February 5, 2016

12.30 PM: Br. Mahd Hassan Omar
1.30 PM: Br. Abdinur Mohammed


Al-Forqan Weekend School

Saturday: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Qur'an classes

Qur'an classes are available for all ages starting at 5 years and up, free of charges with Shaykh Mohammad Djebbari.

Tuesday through Sunday : Asr – Isha

Youth Halaqa

Boys halaqa - Saturday at 2:45 PM
Girls halqa - Thursday at 6.30 PM

Monthly Family Nights

Enjoy food, games, and fun last weekend of each month at Masjid Omar!

General Halaqa

Schedule of General Halaqa can be found

Sister's Halaqa

Schedule of Sister's Halaqa can be found

Qur'an Halaqa

Saturday at 6:30 PM and Sunday after Fajr

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Masjid Omar Extension Project Update

The extension project has been a dream of our community for 24 years. Construction began in October 2011 and has been continuing since then. With Allah's grace first and then with your great support and the hard work of our fundraising team, we were able to collect $270,000 so far. This money will be used towards finishing the remaining outside phase. Current costs to be paid towards that are $37,360. In addition to this, we will be ordering the second floor frame and finishing the second floor, which costs $202,000. The total amount needed is $37,360 + $202,000 = $239,360. The amount collected as of this moment, January 30th, 2015 is almost $270,000. May Allah bless and have mercy upon everyone participating in this noble project. UPDATE (August 20, 2015): The tearing down of the north side is completely done, and they started putting the foundation of the next phase in this side. We need your help & support. Donate for the Expansion Project Jazakom Allah Khair

Our Goal is: $239'360,00

$0 $270'000,00
Donate to the Extension

Upcoming Events

There are non upcoming events yet.

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