Who We Are

In the early 1980’s a group of Ohio State University graduate students came together to establish the community’s first ever Masjid. The students’ rich backgrounds and diverse educational experiences laid the foundation of Masjid Omar for years to come. Coming from different countries to study and train at a prominent American university enabled these students to combine their rich cultures with the western environment. Ever since, Masjid Omar became a place of worship for Muslims where the east and west meet. Successful graduate students engaged in competitive university programs are also memorizing the Quran, leading prayers, teaching the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohamad, and engaging in outreach community activities.


Over the years, Masjid Omar also became a welcoming haven for immigrants coming into Columbus. Its hospitable environment welcomes people from more than 50 countries, guiding families as they adjust to their new lives in the United States. Columbus’s influx of students and immigrants has made Masjid Omar’s diverse community a stark resemblance of the Muslim world.